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Thee Unholy 3 Upcoming events

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theeunholy3 Thee Unholy 3 plays traditional surf music spanning from it's inception in the early '60s through today's interpretation of high energy and reverb soaked surf music. They play tribute to the great instrumentalists such as Duane Eddy, Link Wray, Floyd Kramer and Santo & Johnny.
Currently we have gigs at:
Driftwood Char Bar
August 10

Rumblefest or http://www.rumblefest.net/
August 31

Harriet Brewing
September 15
Visit our Reverb Nation page for the list of upcoming gigs.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 August 2012 01:12 )

Crankshaft July Update

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crankshaftHope you're enjoying the summer!
I signed up for a contest to win $25k through a site called Artist Signal, it is a simple popularity contest. Artist Signal lets any artist or band create a profile where fans can vote for them every hour on the hour, and after 90 days whoever gets the most votes will win $25k! I've pledged to make three new big-budget music videos with the earnings. So please bookmark this page: https://artistsignal.com/crankshaftmusic and vote as often as you can! Tell your friends to vote, tell your parents to vote, tell the neighbor kids with their newfangled fancy phones to vote, tell your mailman to vote, tell the cashier at your grocery store to vote, tell the dude you normally try to avoid to vote, tell that one person whose name you can never remember to vote, show your grandparents how to use the internet and only teach them how to vote, tell your dealer to vote, tell your best friend's new significant other who you can't stand to vote, guilt your mechanic to vote before you agree to pay, tell your best friend that if they agree to vote you will buy them a beer at the next Crankshaft show that they attend, tell your landlord that you will not be late on rent for the rest of the year if they vote! Tell you what, if you vote a few times per day for the next couple months, you'll be helping me win $25k, then you'll get to enjoy three new Crankshaft music videos, deal?! ... Hope to see you at a show, thanks for your support! Alex.
 Read More For Concert Dates

Honky Tonk Fest at Grumpy's NE

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6_30_12honkytonkfestTrailer Trash 2:00
Cactus Blossoms 3:15
Jennifer Markey & the Tennessee Snowpants 4:30
The Ditchlilies 5:45
Sister Shaw 7:00
Lazy Ike & the Daredevils 8:15

Hee-Haw Photo Booth!
Ticket giveaways!
Jason Whittemore's Southern pulled pork sammies!
Cake Walk!
Dance floor!
Lonestar Beer specials!
...and more!

Miss Shannon's Saturday Sock Hop

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Steve Clarke & the Working Stiffs are playing at Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Saturday, June 30 with The Bad Companions as part of Ms. Shannon's Monthly Sock Hop!


Steve is an amazing, high energy sax player & entertainer. Steve will also  join us for part of our set as The Bad Companions play some of the Vibro Champs' catalog - Steve played on a couple of our albums,   so this will be a rare treat!



Crankshaft's June Update

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Hey everyone!
Well, the last couple weeks have proven to be the craziest for me since I started Crankshaft back in '08! I started preparing to record my new album in a barn hayloft back in the early part of May, which took a ton of work. We cleaned out the entire room of excess building materials and cleaned up about four decades of pigeon crap off the floor, we built a stairway going up to the loft from the outside, and I wired the barn for lights and outlets. We also improved the structure so that it could support the all people that came out to be a part of the music video we filmed to promote the fact that we recorded an entire album in a hayloft! Between the 1st and the 5th of this month we finished recording all of the instrumentation tracks, and the drums, guitar, and upright bass were all tracked live too! I'll be recording vocal tracks on an old school RCA D77 ribbon microphone that Kare 11 is lending to me as soon as I have some spare time to do so. On Friday over 130 people attended the filming party! Almost everyone dressed up too and damn, there were some sharp-dressed folks in that barn! I have to throw out a special thanks to my Mom, Dad, Tom, and Rachel for their support at the event as well as during the recording process, I know I couldn't have done it without them! Also, a big thanks to Jason Langseth for letting me us his barn for this project! I'm planning on throwing a music video release party in August, and the same night I'll be releasing a Crankshaft Sampler CD that will include two of the songs from the new release! Wooo! This will be my new "Sold by donation" release, I'll be featuring two songs from each of my releases on it to bring with me to the International Blues Competition in Memphis. The sources I've found on the web tell me that this runs from January 29th to February 2nd, 2013, for those of you that have asked. Thanks for your support everyone, I hope to see you at a show soon! Cranky.
Read More for Concert Dates
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